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The network SeDiPeT Secure Digital Performance Twin places its emphasis on the development of secure hardware and software systems for digital twins in the context of industry 4.0. Digital twins describe virtual representations of a product (Digital Product Twin), its production (Digital Production Twin) or its performance (Digital Performance Twin). Digital twin technologies are enabled, among other things, by the increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in digitized industrial production networks and through cloud-based structures that link the physical with the digital world.


The goal of the network SeDiPeT Secure Digital Performance Twin is to provide secure solutions for the digital product memory - covering an important aspect of the Digital Twin technology. A digital product memory continuously collects all data, information and properties of a product. Therefore, it allows traceability of the entire product life cycle. The solutions developed in the network SeDiPeT are specifically designed for the requirements of small- and medium-sized companies from the manufacturing sector.

Activities |Network SeDiPeT

Key topics and projects

Within the network, experts from various fields come together in joint research projects to develop innovative solutions focussing on the following key topics:

Key Topic 1 | Secure Industrial Authentication & Communication

A secure communication is the foundation for the further processing of data. A large part of the R&D efforts within the network, therefore, focuses on providing secure solutions for industrial authentication and communication.

Key Topic 2 | Secure Industrial Cloud

The aggregation of more and more data from different sources requires dynamic ways of data provision and processing. Cloud-based approaches provide the necessary computing power to use data profitably. For this reason, the partners within the network will develop secure industrial cloud solutions for intelligent data processing and for building digital twins.

R&D projects

  • Organization of workshops
  • Exchange of knowledge, technology, contacts and ideas
  • Development of project concepts
  • Formation of project consortia
  • Selection of suitable funding
  • Coordination with the funding agency
  • Support of ongoing projects
  • Direct access to the cluster members and partners

Marketing and PR

  • Articles about the network on the website, social media, in flyers, newsletters and in relevant media
  • Organization of trade fair booths
  • Organization of workshops, e.g. with potential users
  • Networking events with partners
  • Use of the online job market and the TechBase’s very own Job Wall

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Project executing organization|VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

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The network welcomes new project partners, who want to find innovative solutions together with other companies and research institutions.

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