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Existing power grid infrastructures are insufficient to address the requirements of a successful energy transition, including the intrinsic integration of e-mobility. Beneficial technology solutions for stabilizing power grids should be introduced at the low voltage level to avoid cost intensive intervention using superordinate systems. An improvement of the stability of power grids will be facilitated by involving photovoltaic systems and block-type thermal power stations. An efficient regulation of power grids will be enabled with the inclusion of appropriate energy storage systems and even disruptive approaches like Blockchain technology using smart contracts.
Renewable energy installations, energy storage, charging stations, electric vehicles and consumers can be combined interoperable to optimize the use of locally available energy. Explicitly, our focus here is the integration of e-mobility in a significant context.

Activities | Network IntelliZell

Key topics and projects

Within the network, experts from various fields come together in joint R&D projects to develop innovative solutions focussing on the following key topics:

  • Energy production and energy storage

Stabilizing power grids using intelligent management of energy suppliers

  • Smart Contracting

Blockchain technology

  • Dynamic simulation environments for microgrid control systems

Concepts for energy management systems

R&D projects

  • Organization of workshops
  • Exchange of knowledge, technology, contacts and ideas
  • Development of project concepts
  • Formation of project consortia
  • Selection of suitable funding
  • Coordination with the funding agency
  • Support of ongoing projects
  • Direct access to the cluster members and partners

Marketing and PR

  • Articles about the network on the website, social media, in flyers, newsletters and in relevant media
  • Organization of trade fair booths
  • Organization of workshops, e.g. with potential users
  • Networking events with partners
  • Use of the online job market and the TechBase’s very own Job Wall

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Project executing organization|VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

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The network welcomes new project partners, who want to find innovative solutions together with other companies and research institutions.

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Dr. Manfred Binder
Project manager
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