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RECiPE4Mobility (stands for Regrouping European Clusters in a Partnership of Excellence for Mobility) is a 24-months project pursuing the overall objectives of strengthening cluster management excellence while facilitating strategic connections between clusters and specialised ecosystems across Europe.

RECiPE4Mobility is a transnational cluster partnership selected under the European Cluster Excellence Programme of the European Commission to be part of the European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence (ESCP-4x). The ESCP-4x are supported by funding from the COSME programme to facilitate crosscluster networking and learning, aiming at the professionalisation of specialised and customised business support services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Project partners

Five European automotive clusters are involved in the project:

  • NextMove (FR)
  • ZoneCluster (HU)
  • AutomotiveNL (NL)
  • Mobinov (PT)
  • Cluster Mobility & Logistics, R-Tech GmbH (DE)


RECiPE4Mobility services & activities

These clusters have decided to strengthen their management skills, to provide professional services to their ecosystems, notably their SMEs, and to generate cross-sectorial European value chains in the mobility sector.

The partnership will focus its activities on the safe and sustainable urban mobility thematic: Enhancing cluster management skills towards the generation of added-value support services for SMEs; Developing comprehensive strategies and implementation roadmaps both at clusters and partnership levels; Organising twinning, networking and learning activities and implementing collaboration activities; Implementing the RECiPE4Mobility ClusterXchange programme.

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COSME programme

RECiPE4Mobility is one of 13 European Strategic Cluster Partnerships that bring together 69 cluster organisations across 21 European countries which implement also the ClusterXchange programme, a new pilot programme to support short-term exchanges to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. The programme aims to facilitate transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters.

Participants (visitors and hosts) of a transnational exchange can be representatives of cluster organisations and business network organisations, scaling-up support organisations (such as technology centres, research institutes, (digital) innovation hubs, fab labs, creative hubs, resource-efficiency service providers, incubators, accelerators) and SMEs that are cluster members from countries participating in the COSME programme.

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Contact person

Uwe Pfeil
Cluster manager
Tel. +49 941 604889 55