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Training session "Building partnerships: positioning champions in various EU proposals​"



The second session was held on Wednesday 15th June and focused on Building partnerships: positioning champions in various EU proposals.

A successful project proposal is largely based on the construction of a cohesive and complementary consortium, which includes all the necessary skills to achieve the predefined objectives. Finding the right partners at the European level is therefore a recurring issue for all actors who decide to build a consortium, from the novice to the most expert. Several tools, platforms and partnerships are available to facilitate this task, but it is not always easy to find the most effective way.

The REMOBILISE project provided training and education activities for cluster members to foster their collaboration with relevant actors at local and EU level and supported participants to upscale to the European level.

The trainings also included online learning sessions on various topics that aimed at helping all the actors of the mobility sector to develop skills and knowledge, to successfully establish a position at the European level with an adapted guidance.


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