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Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Multimodality and Inclusion


Catch up on our webinar, 27.06.2022!

After a short introductory presentation of the RECIPROCITY project and the current ongoing activities presented by the project partner NextMove (also animating the whole webinar), the word has been directly given to Martial Chevreuil, President of ATEC ITS, with his introduction on MaaS and the best practices for local authorities. Thanks to the implementation of heterogeneous working groups and the active role of ATEC ITS on the topic, Mr. Chevreuil insisted on three main points that are held as crucial for the correct implementation of MaaS: Urban mobility is still largely monomodal, MaaS allows to reduce the cost of inter-modality; There’s a strong need to encourage the use of the mode emitting less CO2 and using less public space; Intelligent mobility will be the one that will be able to conciliate travelers’ interests (reasonable travel time), public policies (use of public space), together with sustainable business models.

This first presentation was followed by Julia Zucker (French Ministerial Directorate for Accessibility) with "Mobility and digital accessibility information: an essential element for Persons with Reduced Mobility": by definition, mobility is a major issue for Persons with Reduced Mobility. That is why the MaaS must include specific digital information for this public. French actors of mobility have been working to recognize the need, to create the legal frame and to develop the digital tools of a mobility for everybody and this second intervention have been presenting the results of this work.

At this moment of the webinar, one of the project use-cases in link with the subject has been presented by Dr. Frank Pagel (KVV Karsruhe) with "Regiomove - Seamless Multimodal Mobility. Networked mobility for Karlsruhe and the region". Simply from A to B. No matter by which means of transport, but uncomplicated and exactly when I want it. That is the idea of "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS). The Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV) and its partners showed how this works in the regiomove project. regiomove creates the legal, digital and infrastructural basis to finally be able to think of mobility holistically. All mobility providers are networked on a single digital platform. Users only need one account to obtain information about all offers at a glance, plan multimodal routes and finally book and pay for the services. This digital networking is accompanied by physical networking in the form of regional mobility hubs, so-called ports. The next step is the networking of the platform with other networks - interregionally.

The program was concluded with a Pitch session, giving the opportunity to 3 start-ups to pitch their products and solutions in link with the topic of MaaS: the two first start-ups, Nextérité and Modality, focused on data gathering, diagnosis and management of intermodality, followed by the presentation of On Board Cleaner, a vehicle sanitization solution developed jointly by two SMEs.

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