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The Logistik Barometer Bayern is compiled monthly for the Logistik Initiative Bayern by CNA e.V. in cooperation with iSCM INSTITUT. It is a monthly management and expert survey of the transport and logistics sector in the Free State of Bavaria and beyond. Here we ask about the current economic situation in the industry, but also gather opinions on current challenges and innovation trends.


The mood of the Bavarian | transport & logistics industry!

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Logistik Initiative Bayern | The Cluster Mobility & Logistics is part of the initiative!

In addition to a number of associations, Bavaria is home to long-established, partly regional competence initiatives such as the Logistikagentur Oberfranken e.V., the Logistik-Kompetenz-Zentrum Prien, the Netzwerk Logistik der Bayern Innovativ GmbH, the Cluster Mobility & Logistics in Regensburg, the Logistik-Cluster Schwaben or the CNA e.V. | Der Think Tank für Transport, Verkehr & Logistik.

The Logistik Initiative Bayern bundles these regionally effective initiatives and thus ensures networking throughout Bavaria. The CNA e.V., as the coordinating body of the Bavarian Logistics Initiative, assumes a coordinating and integrating function for the various logistics networks in Bavaria.

Together, the initiative serves to ensure the exchange of innovative approaches and projects throughout Bavaria and to provide a uniform external image with its own umbrella brand. The core group of the Bavarian Logistics Initiative brings together and bundles numerous shippers, logistics companies, research institutions, universities and technology providers. This cooperation along the entire value chain promotes innovation, strengthens the competitive position of individual companies and the Bavarian logistics sector as a whole and generates a uniform public image that offers additional marketing potential for logistics as a whole.

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