Who is it for and why?

ARRIVAL is designed to accelerate the uptake of sustainable transport solutions and reduce CO2 emissions and pollutants caused by the transport and mobility sector.

It brings together stakeholders, including innovators, investors, policy makers and end-users, from the supply-demand-finance triangle across the transport and mobility sector, including all modes and types of transport, to facilitate the development and deployment of sustainable transport solutions.



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What advantages does the ARRIVAL platform offer?

Creating an account on the ARRIVAL platform is free and the best way to benefit from ARRIVAL resources and the community of leading and innovative players in the field of transportation and mobility. +1000 users are already registered!

Users who create an account and are logged in have the following benefits:

  • Access to a personalized user dashboard to share and receive information and relevant matches on innovative transport and mobility solutions and players.
  • Directly connect and engage with other transportation and mobility leaders from across the supply-demand-funding triangle.
  • Receive personalized alerts and matches for information and contacts most relevant to you related to your interests in the adoption and use of sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Create a page for your organization and advertise directly to our community.
  • Access exclusive resources such as best practice information, relevant legislation and collaboration documents and templates.
  • Coordinate with other buyers to collaboratively source innovative transportation and mobility solutions and find the best vendors to meet your needs.
  • Share information and resources with other community members
  • and much more!

ARRIVAL also provides additional information, tools and services relevant to the transportation and mobility sector by connecting you with partner platforms such as OPINA, BABLE, Wheesbee, ETP ALICE and EIT Urban Mobility, among others. Just visit the platforms!

What is ARRIVAL?

A European portal for innovative transportation and sustainable mobility solutions, combining the forces of the two EU-funded projects ENTRANCE and RECIPROCITY.

ARRIVAL is a multifunctional matchmaking platform that facilitates instant access to relevant information and services to support buyers and innovators of technologies in the implementation and replication of smart and clean mobility solutions. ARRIVAL provides a common and legitimate European matchmaking platform and complementary offline services to

  • Equip mobility stakeholders with tools, knowledge, contacts and methods to accelerate the implementation of existing innovative mobility solutions.
  • Mobilize funding to accelerate market access and disseminate sustainable transport solutions that are unique in their kind.

The overall concept of the ARRIVAL platform focuses on the “supply-demand-finance” triangle, which is intended for all modes of transport and mobility and all relevant stakeholders.

How can I use ARRIVAL?

Register and create a profile: In order to use ARRIVAL, you need to register on the platform and create a profile. In this profile you should indicate your sustainable transportation solutions or your investment interests, depending on your role in the sector. A short video tutorial can be found here (Note: The platform has been renamed and merged with the RECIPROCITY project since the tutorial was recorded, so the design has changed slightly. However, the core functions are still the same).

Get in touch with stakeholders: Once you have created a profile, you can connect with other stakeholders on the platform, including innovators, investors, policy makers and end users. ARRIVAL offers networking opportunities, including events and webinars, to facilitate these contacts.

Access to funding opportunities: ARRIVAL provides access to funding opportunities for sustainable transportation solutions. Innovators and investors can use the platform to learn about funding opportunities and connect with potential funders.

Navigating the regulatory environment: ARRIVAL offers support in navigating the regulatory environment for sustainable transportation solutions. This includes access to information and resources on regulations and standards, as well as assistance in navigating the approval process for new solutions.

Stay informed: ARRIVAL provides access to information and resources on the latest trends and innovations in sustainable transportation. This includes access to reports, studies and news articles on sustainable transportation solutions.

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