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R-Tech GmbH, a subsidiary of the City of Regensburg, is a partner of the “Digital Innovation Ostbayern (DInO)” project with its “Digital Start-up Initiative Upper Palatinate” and “Cluster Mobility & Logistics” projects. As one of 150 “European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH)” across Europe, the project partners support small and medium-sized companies in the introduction of new digital concepts.

The project will be launched at the beginning of November together with the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs. DInO-Hub is one of three European hubs in Bavaria alongside “Bayern Innovativ” in Nuremberg and the Medical Valley's “DigiHealthHub” in Erlangen. The focus is clearly on SMEs and public administrations in rural regions and therefore in a different environment than the digital transformation is usually thought of.

The official project start date is 01.06.2023. The duration of the project is 36 months. The project ends on 31.05.2026.

Project partners

The coordinator of the project is the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, other partners are R-Tech GmbH (“Digital start-up initiative Oberpfalz” and “Cluster Mobility & Logistics”), OTH Regensburg and the Bavarian AI agency “baiosphere” in Munich.


Services & Activities

Among other things, a team of networkers, researchers and start-up consultants develops workshops on dedicated technologies to support SMEs in improving business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. The “Cooperation Accelerator”, for example, networks start-ups and SMEs in a targeted manner in order to tap into the innovation potential in Eastern Bavaria. The program includes a series of qualification workshops and networking events with a focus on technology transfer, targeted matchmaking and knowledge building for industry cooperation.

The project provides so-called test-before-invest rooms in which companies have the opportunity to try out ideas, plans or even considerations in a laboratory environment with experts. In this way, the opportunities of new technologies such as cyber security, eye tracking, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things & drones, high-performance computing or 5G can be evaluated and tailored to the respective companies before major investments are made.

In addition, the project offers SMEs three further pillars of support. “Skills and Training”, “Support to find Investment” and “Innovation Ecosystem” are the names of these services relating to digitalization. When it comes to financing new ideas, there will also be advice on the various options for investment grants and funding guidelines.

There is also access to a large network of potential investors. The “Innovation Ecosystem” promotes networking with potential customers, partners, colleagues and other institutions both regionally and throughout Europe. This includes 1:1 matchings for SMEs looking for dedicated partners, but also larger events that offer the opportunity to exchange ideas.

The Cluster Mobility & Logistics cluster is primarily responsible for the topics “Support to find Investment” and “International Matchmaking” in the project.

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You can find the press release on the project launch here.

European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs)

The European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) are part of the EU's “Digital Europe” program. As part of this program, a nationwide network of EDIHs was established in the European Union from autumn 2022 to mid-2023 to support the digital transformation of the economy and administration. Since mid-2023, 17 EDIHs have been active in Germany.


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Cluster manager
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