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Digitalised mobility

In-vehicle information and communication systems and the networking of modes of transport with road traffic and infrastructure are a key topic for the automotive industry as well as an essential basis for innovations in future generations of vehicles.

Vehicle manufacturers and vehicles will become service providers for networked mobility, recognising the needs of drivers and assisting them. The vehicle will become the centre of communication for connected mobility. Co-operation between partners in the new value chains is necessary. They must meet the infrastructural and technical challenges, create a legally secure framework for all parties involved and establish appropriate business models.

    Connecting mobility data

    An ecosystem of mobility data that makes the various services and associated data silos available for more efficient transport and route planning is also an essential prerequisite for implementation. This also includes the development of digital business ideas based on mobility, geo and weather data.

    These include, for example, new navigation services, innovative sharing platforms, intelligent journey planners and highly accurate weather apps. The necessary technological basis is provided by transmission technologies for reliable broadband coverage for mobile users, intelligent antennas and broadband on-board networks, as well as the protection of this data and services through suitable IT security solutions.