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The innovation network HY2.ZERO aims to support the industrialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies through new and improved solutions and is thus part of the market ramp-up.

New power train technologies, such as electric drives, play a central role in achieving the climate protection goals: The reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector by 40% until 2030 compared to 1990 will only be possible if the use of alternative drives and energy sources becomes an essential component. Hydrogen fuel-powered fuel cell vehicles represent a solution for the mobility sector, as fuel cell vehicles offer a greater range than battery-electric vehicles with a higher payload and they can be used in commercial vehicles as well as in public transport. There are currently considerable disadvantages for a market ramp-up, such as the comparatively low efficiency of fuel cell systems, the lack of infrastructure at hydrogen filling stations and the high purchase price.

Activities | Network HY2.ZERO

Key topics and projects

The network brings together specialists from different areas in joint R&D projects in order to develop innovative solutions with the following main topics:

These network projects include technologies for the production of fuel cells (development line 1), system components for fuel cells (development line 2) and technologies for the on-site generation of hydrogen (development line 3).

In addition, the solutions developed in the network will be tested in living laboratories.

R&D projects

  • Organization of workshops
  • Exchange of knowledge, technology, contacts and ideas
  • Development of project concepts
  • Formation of project consortia
  • Selection of suitable funding
  • Coordination with the funding agency
  • Support of ongoing projects
  • Direct access to the cluster members and partners
  • Joint application and demonstration projects

Marketing and PR

  • Articles about the network on the website, social media, in flyers, newsletters and in relevant media
  • Organization of trade fair booths
  • Organization of workshops, e.g. with potential users
  • Networking events with partners
  • Use of the online job market and the TechBase’s very own Job Wall
  • Network podcast: Podcast HY2.ZERO

Network HY2.ZERO | Partners

Project executing organization|VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

Press, News & Events

Get involved!

The network welcomes new project partners, who want to find innovative solutions together with other companies and research institutions.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Cluster team

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Uwe Pfeil
Tel. +49 941 604889 55