Sustainable and climate-friendly | means of transportation for Regensburg and the surrounding area

Electric buses for the old town

Since May 2017, Stadtwerke Regensburg has been operating electric buses from the Italian company Rampini on the old town bus route to ensure a livable city center. With the small, environmentally friendly electric buses, which travel almost silently through Regensburg's old town, the project participants are setting an example for modern, emission-free transportation. One of these buses is being used as a demonstrator for innovations from the Cluster Mobility & Logistics.

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The idea is convincing: users who rarely need a car or don't want to buy one share a vehicle. This is cheaper for everyone and helps the environment. All the more so if, like the Stadtwerk.Earl, it is an electric car that runs on green electricity from 100% hydropower from REWAG.

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Cargo e-bike for hire

Customers of the Dachauplatz parking garage can borrow an electrically assisted cargo bike free of charge during the parking period. The pilot project is part of the municipal utility's successful e-car sharing service.

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Electric locomotive for city tours

The "Emma" locomotive of Regensburger Stadtrundfahrten GmbH runs on green electricity through the city of Regensburg.



REWAG electric charging stations | Climate-neutral electromobility for Regensburg and the region

Since 2015, REWAG has been building an infrastructure that supplies electric vehicles with 100 percent green electricity via a dense network of charging stations. There are now over 190 charging points. In order to accelerate the expansion of the infrastructure, the energy supplier has also developed suitable charging station offers and full-service solutions for local authorities and business customers. For example, the largest charging infrastructure and load management project in Germany is currently underway in the Dörnberg district in Regensburg. Following completion of the first of three construction phases, the Georgenhof, the conditions for an additional 260 REWAG charging points for electric vehicles have been created there.


Overview REWAG charging stations

In terms of numbers, REWAG is now one of the largest operators of electric charging stations in Bavaria. A continuously updated overview of the charging stations in and around Regensburg can be found at »‎